Matale district is Sri Lanka’s foremost wildlife destination and there are several visiting places for safari tour. In fact the Knuckels mountain range has been recognized as a majour global bio diverse hotspots in the world. Beautiful Matale district, Nestled in the central hills and at an altitude of 546 metres, Matale is yet another bounty of nature’s abundance with captivating landscapes of fertile greenery and scattered mountain ranges decorated with blankets of cascading water. Following for the some places for awesome safari tour in Matale district.


The last King of Mahanuwara Kingdom, Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe sends offed his two daughters for safety to a beautiful village before antagonists captured him.That beautiful village is the Meemure. That is about 27km away from “Naturee Riverstone River Cottage”. Geographically, this small isolated village is located near the border between Kandy district and Matale District, in the Knuckles Mountain Range. According to legend the two princesses committed suicide on hearing of the King's capture and the royal jewellery which they wore is said to be in the possession of traditional poor families in the village.

Every family in Meemure village is self-sufficient. They do not need luxury facilities to maintain their day to day life. But they frequently ask regular passenger bus service to send their farm products to traders and bring needy provisions.

At present most of foreign & local visitors go to Meemure to visit its natural beauty, study on bio-diversity or research activities. A previously screened Sinhala film “ Sooriya Arana” also captured some scenic views of Meemure .However we need to protect our heritage, culture and the bio-diversity of this area. Residents of the Meemure now grow pepper, paddy, enasaal, and number of export cash crops. The farmers of the area say they do not use chemicals to grow their crops. Tapping of the Kitul trees are a major hobby and a job for the elder farmers who also like to drink toddy.

Most of people don't know that there is an another route to go to Meemure except Hunnasgiriya route. Actually If someone plans to visit Meemure via Ranamure route, He/She can visit the Riverstone also. Further more the visitors who come by public transpotation to Meemure, they can enter to the Meemure via Ranamure route and can be exited via Hunnasgiriya route.

*Wasgamuwa National Park

Wasgamuwa National Park is a natural park in Sri Lanka situated in the Matale and Polonnaruwa Districts . It was declared to protect and to make a refuge for the displaced wild animals during the Mahaweli development project in 1984 and is one of the four National Parks designated under the Project. If someone plan to go to Wasgamuwa via ‘Naturee Riverstone River cottage’, the best route is followed.

“Naturee Riverstone River cottage> Pallegama>Hettipola>Wasgamuwa. It’s about 40Km away from cottage.

Wasgamuwa National Park is inhabited by a herd of over 150 elephants, ensuring that you not only spot this amazing creature but spend the whole day in their presence. Both of Sri lanka’s endemic species of monkeys are found at the park, the Purple-faced Lemur and Toque Macaque. Water buffalo and Sri Lankan Deer are commonly seen, and lucky visitors may spot a rare leopard or Sloth Bear hiding amongst the trees.

*Sera Ella

The fall is located in the village of Pothatawela and 11km away from ‘Naturee Riverstone River Cottage’. It is one of a widest waterfall in Knuckles range. It’s about 35m width. Sera Ella has an additional feature of a cave which is situated behind the waterfall. A Bird species called “Seru” are here to give the name ‘Sera Ella’, also some people say that the name of the fall derives from the ‘Sera’ species of fish that inhabits the water.

This beautiful Sera waterfall fall, the subject of several poems, is situated in the Dumbara Jungle that is split into two sections, both 10m in height. Kitul Canal, from the Kaudagammana Mountain, and the Hunumadala River, from the Gonamada and Deyuthu Gammmaduwa mountains, flow in unison to form the Puwakpitiya River. This later joins Thelgamuwa River, at which point the fall is created as the water tumbles down a protruding rock face, visible from Dumbara Jungle. The fall flows all year around and is at its fullest during the monsoon season, between November and April.

Sera Ella is the queen out of these beauties. Furthermore there is a nice foot pathway to the waterfall. It branches to the base of the waterfall and to the cave of the waterfall.

*Pitawala Pathana/Plain

Pitawala 'Pathana/Plain' is the unique grassland found in the Knuckles Conservation Forest, Sri Lanka. This pathana has a great ecological value. Pitawala Pathana/Plain situated close to the Riverstone and edge of Knuckles Mountain Reservation which is on the way of Matale - Ilukkumbura road. It is about 5km away from the “Naturee Riverstone River Cottage”. The area is covered by mist in most of the times. Most of the travelers go to Reverstone and return without going to Pitawala 'Pathana/Plain' which is just 5Kms from Riverstone Mountain. The area is really eye catching and do not miss to visit the breathtaking Mini World's End. In Pitawala 'Pathana/Plain' a grass cover spreads over an area of about 10 ha of a gently sloping rock slab covered with just a thin soil layer. The turf grass of about 10 cm in height gives a velvety appearance to this sloping expanse of grassland. Isolated and scattered trees and shrubs could be seen. Many endemic plant and animal species are found. The Pitawala 'Pathana/Plain' ends in a sheer drop. It is certainly nerve wracking to glimpse into the depths, hundreds of meters below, yet a visit to the plains will not be complete without the visitor having taken in the beauty of the valley below from that vantage. The landscape somewhat resembles that of Horton Plains and as does its precipice to Mini world’s end.

Pitawala 'Pathana/Plain' is home to two endemic species. One is a frog known as Dumbara Galpara Mediya and the other is Pathan Ala, a type of grass. There are also many carnivorous plants that trap unwary insects.

The soil in the plains is not very rich in nutrients and thus certain plants have adapted to find the required nutrients from insects. Kadulessa, one such carnivorous plant species, has a sticky serum that traps unwary insects.



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