Best reasons to select Naturee Riverstone River Cottage for your accommodation at Riverstone

01. The Cottage is located 10 meters away from the " branch of Thelgamuwa oya/river" & 200 meters away from the "Thelgamuwa oya/river

02. It just 50 meters away from the "Mini Sera Ella" waterfall

03. Just 300 meters to "Manigala Mountain"

04. Cottage is face to "Manigala Mountain"

05. Panoramic view of the "River" from the cottage.

06. Picturesque view of Paddy fields from the cottage

07. Just 15min drive from "Pitawala Pathana/Plain" & "Mini Worlds end"

08. We are not accepting parallel visitors/group for same days. Just enjoy entire cottage and belonging. 

09. We arrange everything considering your preferences. Because, your happiness is our ultimate achievement. 

10. You are free to select your meal. you select & we provide.

11. On demand fire camps. You Request & We provide.

12. All meals are providing under selected Buffet Service.

13. We guarantee the protected and well secured area. 

14. If you are a BBQ lover, here the place for you. We are providing BBQ facilities on demand.

15. Easy access to Sera Ella waterfall, Manigala Mountain, Thelgamuwa oya, Pitawala Pathana, Mini worlds end,  and over 07 other waterfalls.  Also the most exiting thing is, it just 25 km away from the "Meemure"

16. Just confirm your booking with 50% payment. 

17. Are you in a trouble with booked date? Don't worry, talk to us and find another convenient date without paying any more.

18. Are you a cooking lover? If so, here we providing self-cooking facilities as per your request. 


Try "Naturee Rierstone River cottage" with your next riverstone visit. We promise you to make it a great experiences. Talk to us and reserve now.



The most convenient motorable access routes to popular Dumbara range reaches are Colombo-Ilukkumbura route via Kandy-Matale-Rattota - Illukkumbura, via Kurunegala - Mallawapitiya - Ridigama - Dodangaslanda - Yatawatta - Naula - Laggala - Illukkumbura,  via Kandy - Wattegama / Teldeniya -Illukkumbura, via Kandy - Theldeniya - 18 bends road - Hasalaka - Hettipola - Illukkumbura. Knuckles Massif or the Knuckles Mountain Range is part of the Hill Country of Sri Lanka which is also above 3000 feets or 915 miters, from sea level and covers an area of about 90 Sq. Miles or 234 Sq.Km of land extent. This is also called as Knuckles Range or Knuckles Peaks or simply as Knuckles. The reason to call it Knuckles is because; there is a mountain with five peaks in itself. The Sri Lankan name for this mountainous area is " Dumbara Mitiyawatha " which means " The Misty Valley ". Since this inner mountainous area is off the motoring roads, it remains as an unspoilt nature reserve even today.


Weather in the Knuckles mountain range is unpredictable and could transform within few minutes. A thick mist could shroud the mountains in a matter of minutes. Rain could breeze in any day. The Dumbara range provides a microcosm of the entire variety of climatic conditions in Sri Lanka from extreme wet to nearly-arid. Highland forest areas are extremely wet with an average annual rainfall of 5000mm. while lowland areas are much drier with less than 2500mm average annual rainfall. Some areas have ground frost during January to March. The area is vulnerable to strong winds.

December to February is a good period to enjoy trekking at Knuckles. Possibility of rain is moderate. March to May too is a good period to go trekking in Knuckles with the possibility of rain being low. June to September being the period with the lowest possibility of rain, it presents the best opportunity. September to November is the period that doesn’t attract the trekkers in view of high.